Commitment to Sustainability

Voyant’s commitment towards sustainability is addressed both by the solutions we deliver to our customers, and in our organization’s focus on best practices.

Sustainable Solutions

Voyant’s services and solutions are implemented to increase the efficiency of buildings and their systems, to reduce energy consumption, and decrease the overall environmental impact.  We employ the latest in technical solutions and practices, and work with clients in ensuring that their sustainable goals are understood and results achieved.

Corporate Sustainability

Corporately, Voyant views sustainability as a deliberate and thoughtful process that balances the needs of our business with what we can do to address the environmental and social impacts of our organization.

Our approach to sustainability – which will continue to evolve over time – includes providing our customers with consistent, high quality, and cost-effective services and solutions that are developed and implemented utilizing methodology and business practices that reduce our impact on the environment.  As part of our environmental stewardship commitment:

  • Where able, we attempt to source products that are manufactured locally instead of out of country or offshore production.
  • We partner with vendors that employ sustainable business practices, such as local manufacturing and like-minded values.
  • Voyant promotes work from home and remote telecommunication options for employees and contractors in an attempt to reduce the impacts of commuting.
  • Our attempts to work towards paperless operations.  This includes email invoices, electronic-only versions of documentation and marketing materials, and internal best practices.
  • We utilize hosted software solutions to reduce the energy requirements and material obligations of IT servers.
  • We deliver first rate service and support to our clients while continuously attempting to reduce our carbon footprint.  As Voyant has clients both throughout Canada and internationally, we work at this goal through optimizing our travel, utilizing on-line presentation resources, and promoting teleconferencing.